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It is one of the four great felines, which is sometimes mistakenly called a leopard, and was thought in the past to be a hybrid between a lion and a panther.

Specifications Tiger
The tiger is the fourth largest feline, which includes jaguars, lions, and berries. It is the smallest and the fifth largest in the world, with the mountain lion (Cougars, Puma) slightly larger than the tiger. Tigers range from a meter to a little over two meters and often weigh between 30 and 70 kg, but some males can reach over 90 kg. Females are almost two-thirds the size of males, and compared to its size, the tiger is the strongest feline in addition to jaguars. Tigers are usually the major predators in areas where there is little or no competition from other predators, especially lions and tigers. This is probably why the Tigers are large in African rain forests and Sri Lanka. The tigers range from brown to yellowish, and have pink and black spots on the entire body including the head where these rosettes are small.

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